Paycheck's Lounge - Hamtramck, MI Paycheck's Lounge
2932 Caniff
Hamtramck, MI 48212

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Paycheck’s Lounge is a legendary Detroit venue that has provided many bands, from local to international, with the foundation for a successful musical career, including the Cult, the White Stripes, the Muggs and Negative Approach. Our eclectic rotation of live shows crosses many musical genres and styles.

Please email Debbie with your booking inquiries. You can also reach her at 810-542-0695 (from 12-8pm). Please include the band's name, location, style/genre and a web address.

Equipment and Services Provided:

  • P.A. system (mono) w/ one monitor channel

  • 2 stage monitors

  • 16 channel input

  • Microphones

  • 2 D.I.s

  • Lighting

  • Professional Sound Engineer

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